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Sport Diver magazine is your definitive source of information on all things diving, whatever level of diver you are. Raw novice, seasoned veteran or PADI Pro, we’ve got you covered. Sport Diver - the official magazine of the PADI Diving Society - is the magazine divers trust for comprehensive reports on dive sites and locations in the UK, Europe and further afield; unbiased gear reviews; hints and advice to help you develop your diving skills; expert columnists; and the latest news and views from the diving world; not to mention the mini-mags Tech Diver and Underwater Photographer, which provide an inspirational insight into these specialist sectors of the sport. As part of your 1 year (12 issues) subscription to Sport Diver magazine you will also receive 12 months membership to the PADI Diving Society.

PADI is the world's largest scuba diving organization and Sport Diver has teamed up with them to bring you a whole host of member benefits including:

  • Savings on gear, dive training, travel and more
  • Personalised Membership Card
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